Youth President JKPC denounces decision to re-advertise aghast over re-advertisement of e Rehbar-e-Janglat, Rehbar-e-Zirat and Rehbar-e-Khel posts

Srinagar, May 22 (KNS): Strongly denouncing the administration's decision to re-advertise Rehbar-e-Janglat, Rehbar-e-Zirat, and Rehbar-e-Khel posts JKPC youth President Sheikh Mohammad Imran had termed it absolutely wrong and unjustified.

Imran said that such decisions of government are totally against the essence of democracy and such kind of government acts can affect the consistency and continuity of administration and it's working. He said that we will never appreciate such policies through which government undo policy decisions of successive elected governments even at this juncture where there is an atmosphere of chaos and confusion among the public, particularly in the young educated lot.

Sheikh Imran said that in an excuse to make past things right does not mean to demolish the future of those young educated class who have been provided with the job opportunity by the past regimes. This non-popular governor rule in JK in an exception cannot perch itself on the moral pedestal and decide itself to undo most of past decisions and redo new things.

Urging the LG administration to revisit the decision to safeguard the future of NBC's, Rez and ReT's and make some concrete policies to provide a safe and honourable livelihood to most affected youth of the UT of Jammu Kashmir. (KNS) 

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