Wise Bengalis rejected Modi, Shah hate politics, who ignored grave health emergency to win Bengal, but failed: JKPCC Chief

Jammu May 2 (KNS): Prime Minister Narinder Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah put the lives of 130 crore Indians to risk by ignoring a grave National health emergency, for the sake of winning West Bengal State elections; but the wise Bengalis rejected the politics of opportunism and communalism, said the JKPCC Chief Gulam Ahmad Mir.

As per the statement issued to Kashmir news service (KNS), reacting to the outcome of election results today, JKPCC Chief Gulam Ahmad Mir has said that the BJP especially the Prime Minister and the Home Minister had made West Bengal the battlefield to wrest the state at all costs by using all energy, attention and tactics at their command and ignoring the grave National health emergency knocking at the doors, but the people of West Bengal rejected their lust for power and politics of polarization, division and communalism.

The entire nation of 130 crores people is today paying the price of the failures of the Modi Government to take timely steps to upgrade the facilities and resources to deal with the Covid-02, which has gripped the entire country in the worst form with a lack of required facilities and mismanagement at various fronts.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel

He said the quantum of sufferings being faced by the people due to Covid-02, is for the reason that the Modi government ignored the initial warnings as it was fully concentrating its entire energy and time mainly on the West Bengal elections, but their dreams were dashed to the ground by the wise people of West Bengal.
He said the strategy of west Bengal voters and their commitment to keep the communal and divisive forces at bay against all sorts of onslaughts, would be a lesson for voters elsewhere in different parts of the country, JKPCC Chief hoped.

Mir also congratulated the people of Tamil Nadu and Kerala for rejecting the BJP and its political ambitions riding on its ideological and other tactics of power.(KNS)

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