Will try to bring Article 370 back during absolute majority of like minded parties: Ghulam Nabi Azad

 Peerzada Sayeed

Karnah, October 18 (KNS): Democratic Azad party chief Ghulam Nabi Azad said that Jammu and Kashmir is suffering from political, social and economic crisis for the last 35 years and everyone's support is necessary to get out of this crisis. 

 " I do not promise to bring back Article 370, but I will try to bring it back.I raised my voice at every place; the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha, but the solution cannot come out until like minded parties are in absolute majority," he said while addressing a huge gathering in Karnah where he is on 3-day visit.

 He was quick to add it is in the hands of the central government. 
"I can promise that the people of Jammu and Kashmir have the right to the land. I am in favor of bringing back Article 370. Article 370 was part of our constitution, it was not against anyone," he said.
 " Today whole country and the whole world is going through economic crisis. Jammu and Kashmir has been going through a political, social and economic crisis for the last 35 years," he said.
Former Chief Minister also said that "unfortunately the period of militancy in Jammu and Kashmir was the period of our destruction. Due to covid our industries were closed, businesses were closed, jobs were lost. Daughters-in-laws have become widows, lakhs of children have become orphans, we have no jobs and for the last four years, when there is no government here, there is no MLA, there is no minister, so people here have been forced to live very distressing lives."

 Recalling the earthquake which stuck Jammu and Kashmir, he said there were no houses for people to live here, hospitals and educational institutions were destroyed. "but during my rule, hospitals were built here.

He added that today everyone takes credit we he did. "I was the only leader who made 11 visits to Karnah after the earthquake. I want the tourism to increase in the border areas, create employment opportunities for the youth." (KNS)

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