When in power Mehbooba Mufti banned newspapers, when out of power she acts opposite: Sheikh Imran

Srinagar, Mar 15 (KNS): Peoples Conference youth president, Sheikh Mohammad Imran on Tuesday asked PDP president Mehbooba Mufti to stop befooling people as she was herself responsible for arrest of large number of journalists as Fact Finding Committee of PCI suggested in it reports.
Taking to micro-blogging site Twitter, Imran said that as per PCI’s FFC report, harassment of journalists in Kashmir started in 2016 when Mehbooba Mufti was the chief minister. 
“On 28th of Sep 2021, PDP president Mehbooba Mufti writes to PressCouncil_IN about atrocities &harassment done to Journalists of Kashmir Valley. The PCI's Fact Finding Committee (FFC) in its report suggests that the harassment & Giriftariyan of Journos started in 2016,” he Tweeted. 
He said that Madam Mufti ji herself had mastered plans against journalists. “The preliminary report by FFC is an eye opener to all which says that "49 journalists have been arrested &charged from 2016." My simple question is, who was the Chief Minister of J&K in 2016?”
In another Tweet he said; “What would be the self verdict of the Mehbooba Ji now, when she herself is responsible for the arrest of large number of journalists. The ban on Kashmir Reader newspaper was the brainchild of Mehbooba Ji. When in power, she was intolerant to media queries that on August 25”
“While addressing a joint presser with then HM, Rajnath Singh ji, she abandoned her maiden presser midway & asked police to raid on media houses & banned them for publishing any news for 3 days but when out of power she tries to act opposite.”
He Tweeted; “Media & journos are suffering as “mera qatil hi mera munsif hai kya mire haq meñ faisla dega ?” Can we at least realise now that we have lost everything by lying and fooling and let’s please please stop at least now.” (KNS)

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