Veterinary Surgeon Sets Example by Providing Aid to Livestock in Remote Highland Pasture

 Srinagar, Aug 02(KNS): The veterinary profession is witnessing remarkable growth as professionals like Dr. Farkhanda Rahman step out of their comfort zones to care for animals. Dr. Rahman, a determined veterinary surgeon, is posted in Wangath, Kangan Ganderbal, a tribal-dominated area where livestock migrates to highland pastures during the summer months

Recently, locals in Naranag hamlet reported mysterious deaths of livestock in Gangbal highland pasture. Without wasting time, Dr. Rahman planned a visit to the pasture with three other officials. Despite bad weather, they sought permission from 34 Assam Rifles at Wussan Kangan and embarked on the 15 km trek to Gangbal on 25th July 2023.

The journey was no easy feat, with the first 11 km in the Buthsheri mountains offering sharp and steep ascents. The rocky terrain and increasing altitude caused breathlessness, but the team pressed on. After a grueling 7-hour trek, they reached Trankol, an area in Gangbal pasture where migrant livestock owners stay in their traditional mud and log houses.

Dr. Rahman and her team diligently examined the animals and provided necessary veterinary aid. They also conducted a vaccination drive against Foot and Mouth disease under the National Animal Disease Control Program. An awareness camp was organized to educate tribal farmers about managing animals during rainy seasons on the pasture.

The team remained stationed in the pasture for five days, distributing necessary medicine and examining every animal. On 30th July, after completing all tasks, they returned home. Since the visit of Dr. Rahman and her team, no more cattle deaths have been reported from the pasture.

Residing in Arampora Ganderbal, Dr. Farkhanda Rahman is the first female veterinarian to visit a highland pasture and provide vital veterinary aid to animals. Her dedication was previously evident when she visited Shadi Marg highland in 2021 to provide emergency treatment to a cow with a horn injury. Her commitment and service are setting an inspiring example for the veterinary community and animal welfare.(KNS).

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