Vakil takes extensive tour of Rafiabad villages says Govt has failed to address grievances of people

Rafiabad, Nov 07 (KNS): Peoples Conference Senior Vice President and Former Minister Abdul Gani Vakil Sunday took an extensive tour of Rafiabad villages where he interacted with people.

Upon listening the woes of people, Vakil said that Government has failed to address problems of people living in far-flung areas of Valley. Addressing a party convention at Bren Deob area of North Kashmir's Rafiabad, he said it was unfortunate that people are being deprived of basic facilities in the 21st century.

Kandi areas of Rafiabad are being neglected in terms of development activities, Vakil said. "Our people are still living without good roads, electricity and water. Apart from that, unemployment has touched the skies in the Union Territory," he said.

Vakil said the condition of roads is bad. "Unemployment is rising and people are completely deprived of medical facilities in the area", he said. He said the area has vast scope for promoting tourism and a lot of places can be explored but the government is acting as mute spectator on this issue.

While urging the UT administration and Central government to address the concerns of Kandi areas of Rafiabad, Vakil said there is a need to focus to improve road connectivity, medical facilities and organise a special recruitment drives in the area while taking into account the poverty and backwardness of the educated unemployed youth," Vakil said.

In his speech, Vakil urged the people to beware of those people who are exploiting them by their misleading slogans just for the sake of gaining power.  Vakil appealed to all secular parties to get united in view of the current situation. It is the need of the hour for political parties, to stand firm against false and misleading slogans and unite against so that common people could get justice, he added.

Vakil said that if the traditional political parties would not give false and misleading orders then Kashmir would not have been suffering from the present misery. The senior leader also visited many villages of the Kandi area of Rafiabad including Kandi, Naribal, Dhatora, and Bramen.

Convention was attended by Block Chairman Rohama Tariq Ahmad Khan, Sr. Leaders Shiekh Ghulam Nabi, Addul Salaam Naikoo, Mohammad Yousuf Malla, Master Sonaullah Youth leader Aabid Hussain and several others. (KNS)

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