Unity among the Gupkaris does not make them taller than the law of the land: Brig Gupta

Jammu October 19:(KNS) Reacting to the statement of Omar Abdullah, accusations made by the NC in its press release and statements of other Gupkaris, Brig Veteran Anil Gupta Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party has said that blaming BJP for all their woes has become a political compulsion for the NC and Gupkaris. Dr Farooq Abdullah did not consult BJP when he committed the scam. He was all mighty and powerful at that time and considered himself above law. The Roshni scam verdict by the Honourable High Court of J&K has woken up the Gupkaris from their deep slumber of arrogance and misuse of political authority and that is the main reason for forging a forced unity asserted Brig Gupta.
What has the ideology of BJP to do with their forging an alliance of convenience to save their skins? The alliance has been forged for their political resurrection, to fight for their lost VVIP status, to gain peoples sympathies by harping on the restoration of 370 and 35A as an alibi, knowing fully well that the Kashmiri awam is no mood to listen to their false promises and catchy slogans stated Brig Gupta.
How can it be termed as vendetta politics when the case against Farooq was registered during the UPA regime? He has been avoiding the long arm of law due to the political position and patronage enjoyed by him under the UPA regime. But BJP is determined to weed out corruption and proceed against all those involved in corruption cases however high and mighty they be? The opposition’s allegation of political vendetta will not deter the Modi government for taking action against the corrupt asserted Brig Gupta.
On one hand the Gupkaris swear by the constitution and on the other hand unashamedly dub the statutory investigating bodies mandated by the Constitution as “BJP’s agencies”. These agencies are autonomous bodies of the Government of India and have nothing to do with BJP. The timing of investigation or issue of summons is decided by the agency concerned and blaming BJP for the “timing” is simply ridiculous.
If Dr Abdullah is innocent as claimed then why the case against him was not dropped in the beginning only when UPA was in power questioned Brig Gupta? Mehbooba Mufti at that time in 2012 mocked at the registering of the case and said, “Police have been told to go slow. Do not take action the police has been told. People against whom FIR has been registered have done everything on the direction of Abdullah” and summed it up as a drama.
Despite all the drama of unity and “struggle for their rights”, the awam has given a very cold response to the Gupkar Declaration and that is the major cause of worry for the Gupkar Alliance. This cold shoulder response stares at them as an existential threat and that has forced them to stitch the alliance To term it as political vendetta is the easy way out to escape the reality. But for how long the Gupkaris will run away from the reality and refuse to smell the disenchantment and groundswell of dissent against them?
(Brig Veteran Anil Gupta).(KNS) 

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