Two Months On, Polytechnic College Bandipora Headless, Official Work Suffers

Bandipora, June 28 (KNS): The government polytechnic college in North Kashmir's Bandipora district has been headless for the past more than two months, thereby hampering smooth functioning of the institution. 


An official of the institution told Kashmir News Service (KNS) that the college is functioning without principal for the last more than two months after its principal was transferred to some other place.


He said that in absence of the principal, the smooth functioning of the institution has got hampered as there is no one to look after the affairs of the institution including official work. 


The official said that as construction of the new campus was near completion, so they had to shift the college from rented accommodation to new campus, however, due to the absence of institution head, the shifting work has also got hampered. 


Notably, the college was set up in the year 2012 with two diploma courses and new campus was being constructed at Watapora Marg, which is almost been completed, however, in the absence of head of the institution, it has got delayed. 


The official said that the employees of the institution are also without salaries due to the absence of head of the institution. 


Meanwhile, another official said that the institution had Head of the Department post, however, he was transferred in 2017 along with the post and since then the institution is without HOD, which has also hampered the functioning of the institution. 


"Every new polytechnic college, which were set up across Jammu and Kashmir had one post of HOD, but since 2017 Bandipora polytechnic college is functioning without the post as he was transferred along with the post in the same year," the official said. (KNS)

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