Time to institute Spl Crimes Tribunal to probe genocide against Kashmiri Pandits: Chrungoo

Jammu March 14:(KNS)  "This is the appropriate time for the government to establish and institute a Special Crimes Tribunal to go into the issue of genocide against the Kashmiri Pandit community and the other minority comunities of Jammu and Kashmir who bore the brunt of terrorism in J&K for the last thirty five years", said Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, Senior BJP & KP leader and Incharge, Deptt of Political Feedback, BJP-J&K. He was interacting with the prominent citizens and the youth of the Kashmiri Hindu community at Jammu today.
According to statement issued to Kashmir News Service (KNS), reads, In his address on the occasion, he said that the story depicted in the film, The Kashmir Files is a true saga of events of 1989 and after in the Kashmir valley. It symbolises the pain, torture, humiliation and exodus of the Pandits who were given an ultimatum to 'convert, run or perish' in the Kashmir valley in and after 1989. There were attempts made by a number of vested interests to put the truth of Kashmir under carpet. 
The ethnic cleansing of the Pandits from Kashmir was showcased wrongly by varied political & human rights forces as well as by a section of the media as a 'simple migration of people due to fear of life'. They deliberately created a facade about the events and tried to malign Jagmohan, the then Governor of J&K, for the wrongs done to Kashmiri Pandits. It was a conspiracy hatched up to keep the world in dark about the true picture of Kashmir and Kashmiri Pandits
"With the release of the movie, we are reminded of our attempts aimed at to take the issue of genocide to the National Human Rights Commission in 1994. However, the successive governments failed to take cognizance of the decision of the NHRC that the Kashmiri Pandits were the victims of acts akin to genocide in Kashmir. It also observed in 1999 that a genocide type design may exist against the Kashmiri Pandits in the minds and utterances of the terrorists in Kashmir", the BJP leader remarked.
He also condemned the statement of the Congress in Kerala in which it (Congress) said that the story depicted in the film was being used for 'hate propoganda'. Congress party has been squarely responsible for death and destruction in Kashmir as it pursued the policy of appeasement towards the anti-national elements, separatists and terrorists in Kashmir. It was Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister who invited the dreaded terrorist Yaseen Malik to his office. The same terrorist killed Indian Air Force personnel in Kashmir in 1990 and was deeply involved in money laundering business in Kashmir.
It is time now to bring the culprits to justice and thus establish a mechanism to have an enquiry into the excesses leading to crimes against humanity. Kashmiri Pandits await justice for the last more than 32 years for what was done to them before, during and after the mass exodus from Kashmir, added the KP leader.(KNS) 

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