Tarigami condemns attack on DDC candidate at Kokernag

Srinagar, December 3(KNS): The attack on a District Development Council election candidate at Kokernag area of Anantnag by gunmen is highly condemnable and such incidents have no place in civilized society.
Such acts suit none other than those who want less participation in polls so that the results of these elections can be manipulated, peoples grievances are not redressed and their voices not heard. They want agonies and miseries of common man to remain unattended.
To vote or not to vote became a topic of discussion for several years in Kashmir. History and experience sufficiently demonstrates that neither voting nor the boycott changed the political course of Kashmir. However, the boycott of elections virtually leads to disempowerment of people which is the reason that the political parties in J&K decided to participate in DDC polls though announced abruptly.
People must not succumb to such tactics as these have been going on for the last three decades. There are pressures from the administration on ones side on voters and on the other such elements are harassing and threatening them(KNS).


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