Take concrete steps to handle the crisis in Snow hit areas: Sajjad Shaheen

Banihal areas worst hit by snow, demands compensation to the affected families

Banihal areas worst hit by snow, demands compensation to the affected families

Banihal, Jan 09 (KNS): National Conference leader and District president, Ramban Mir Sajjad Shaheen has urged the administration to take immediate relief measures in view of the fresh spell of heavy snowfall in District Ramban particularly in Banihal constituency. 

He said that Banihal and it's peripheral areas that Include Amkote, Thachi, Nowgam, Tethar, Lamber, Kaskoot, Chareel, Ashar, Trigam, Khari, Mahu-Mangit, Sarachi, Neel, Chaknarwah, Chaka, Sarbagni, Pogal, Paristan, Allinbass, Bingara, Senabati, Kutji, Aramdakha, Bawa, Phago, Hinjhal, Dardahi, Dhak, Kharwan, Runigam, Sumar, Bajmasta and other areas have been worstly hit as these areas have received major snowfall which has multiplied people's problems in these areas. He said that the administration must take some concrete steps to address the crisis like situation.

Shaheen said that the ongoing heavy snowfall has compounded the problems of people in district Ramban particularly Banihal and it's far off areas due to complete break down of essential services like Electricity and drinking water besides shortage of ration, Kerosene oil and cooking gas. The snowfall has also caused massive damage to orchards besides damage to some residential houses in various areas as well.

He further said that the major link roads that include Banihal-Thachi- Mangit road, Banihal- Lamber road, Banihal-Chanjloo road, Nachlana-Mahu road, Bawa-Trigam road, Chamalwas-Neel road, Banihal-Hinjhal road, Chamalwas-Chaknarwa, Hewagan- Neel -Zarari roads, Ukharhal-Pogal-Maligam- Panchal -Senabati- Allinbas roads, Sumar-Bajmasta-Varnihal road and Hingni road that have been blocked due to snow and landslides should be restored immediately and the transport services resumed so that essential supplies could reach to these areas.

Expressing concern over the plight of the villagers and poor people particularly living in far flung and remote areas have yet to see any response from the authorities concerned regarding ration delivery, electricity restoration, and snow clearance in many areas adding that "the administration has failed in its prompt response in restoration of essential services and redressal of issues confronted to people in rural areas.

Shaheen said that most of the remote areas in the district lack proper drinking water supply and the people are mostly dependent upon natural streams. “The people in these areas are facing serious drinking water crises as they have to cover long distances to fetch drinking water in such harsh winter conditions. 

Shaheen has urge upon the Administration to expedite restoration work and ensure supply of essential services to the people at war footing basis. 

He has also appealed to the administration to depute teams to snow hit areas and have a comprehensive survey conducted to assess the losses to the orchards and residential houses due to heavy snowfall in District Ramban and provide adequate assistance to the affected families. (KNS)

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