Tajinder seek to remove anomalies in Farm Bills.

Srinagar Dec 04 (KNS): Social activist sardar Tajinder singh urged upon the government of India to remove anomalies in the farm Bills in consultation with farmers at an earliest.
Tajinder said about 70% of total population of India is involved in agriculture contributing about 18% towards the GDP of nation.
"Govt of India never genuinely did anything worthwhile for farmers political parties for their vote bank exploited farmers", Tajinder said adding that since 1959 income of government employees has gone up 200times but that of farmers only 21times.
"Tajinder said that in last 73yrs of independence situation certainly would not have been so gloomy",still swaminathan Commission of the year 2006 and shantaram committee had given very constructive report on agriculture reforms and food security act but sadly nothing worthwhile could be implemented.
Tajinder Singh said ,one can't doubt the good intentions of centre but at the same time numerous anomalies exist in farm bill.
Political parties for their vested interest will do politics on this issue but it is time to show nation's appreciation and gratitude towards farmers feeding the nation.tajinder said(KNS). 

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