Srinagar airport to provide shops on rent to SHGs at over 6K for 15 days

Srinagar, Apr 01 (KNS): The authorities at Srinagar International Airport have decided to provide shops to Self-Help Groups at a nominal rent of over six thousand only for 15 days as against Rs 5 lakh per month at the airport.
According to a statement, issued to Kashmir News Service (KNS), the authorities said that they have brought a new scheme and a great opportunity for the Self Help Groups registered with Deputy Commissioner, Budgam for sale of their Food Items or Handicrafts or any other product to the passengers at the airport.
“The normal rental for the sale outlets and shops at our airport is about Rs 5 Lakh per month. But we are offering these shops to the Self Help Groups at a nominal rent of Rs 6,133 only for a period of 15 days. This amount includes GST and all other taxes,” reads the statement. 
It reads that the process of applying for these shops is very simple. “The desirous Self Help Group needs to just click on the following linkz This will open up our website with an application format. The SHG may fill up the necessary details and upload their PAN Card, Aadhar Card & Registration Documents, if any.”
It reads that the applications will be collected and compiled in order of seniority of the SHG. 
“Here the Seniority means first come first serve
We will submit the collected applications to the Deputy Commissioner, Budgam for his approval and recommendation. After the approval and recommendation of Deputy Commissioner, Budgam the shop will be allotted to the approved SHG.“
It reads that the allotment will be in order of seniority. “The allotment will be made for a period of 15 days. The rent of Rs 6,133 is payable in advance. There are no other charges.” 
“We get more than 13 thousand passengers every day. All of these passengers will be the potential customers of the SHG. This is a golden opportunity for the promotion of the Self Help Groups. They can sell their products for a period of 15 days from the airport. And the advertising of your SHG is automatic.”
It reads that if the product of the SHG is good, the customers will remember it and contact the SHG for sourcing the product even after the sale period of 15 days is over.  
“Therefore this is also a golden opportunity for advertising of SHG products. The location of the shops is in the security hold area. There are two such shops. The area of each shop is 7 Square Meters. The SHA does not have to worry about the passes for entry to the airport. We have already taken advance approval from BCAS to issue passes for the SHG for a period of 15 days.”
The statement reads that SHG has to just submit photographs to them to get entry into the airport
“We are sure that many Self Help Groups will use this opportunity for the sale of their products at our airport. This is our small contribution for the economic development and progress of our neighbourhood,” it reads. (KNS)

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