SKIMS Observes International Childhood Cancer Day

Srinagar February 15 (KNS):  International Childhood Cancer Day was  observed today at SKIMS. The function was organised by department of Medical Oncology of the Institute. Cancer survivor children were key attraction at the occasion who presented various cultural items including folk dance and fashion show besides playing musical chair. 
Many of them shared their experiences on how they were facilitated and succeeded to fight the fatal disease.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp ChannelThey acknowledged the immense contribution and support provided by the SKIMS and expressed gratitude of the doctors and the staff. 
Director SKIMS expressed his pleasure on the working of the Medical Oncology Department and appreciated doctors and the staff. He also thanked J&K Bank for donating Rs. Fourteen Lac Fourth thousand for the treatment of cancer patients at SKIMS.(KNS)

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