Shortage of Lecturers Hits Gurez Schools, Students Seek Intervention

Bandipora, Nov 20 (KNS): Several Government Higher Secondary Schools in the Gurez area of North Kashmir are facing a shortage of lecturers, students complained here on Monday.

This problem emerged after several lecturers were transferred from these schools months ago, causing concern among students and locals about the quality of education.

Expressing their worries, students emphasized the impact on their studies, stating that the shortage of teachers is affecting their education. 

They hope that the authorities take notice of the situation and promptly provide the necessary teaching staff.

The shortage of lecturers has resulted in larger class sizes and an increased workload for the remaining teaching staff, posing a challenge to maintain the educational standards the school is known for.

"Education is the backbone of any society. The shortage of lecturers at our school is a setback. We request the government to consider the long-term impact on our youth and provide immediate relief by assigning new lecturers," they added.

He highlighted that the transfer of lecturers has caused uncertainty among students and parents, who fear that their education may be affected.

Locals and students are urging Deputy Commissioner Bandipora, Dr. Owais Ahmad, to expedite the appointment of new lecturers to fill the vacant positions and ensure uninterrupted learning for the students.(KNS)

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