Sheikh Mohammad Imran welcomes Mohammad Dilawar Dar into J&K People’s Conference

‘Youth must be ready to face great tasks ahead for transforming J&K’s destiny’

‘Youth must be ready to face great tasks ahead for transforming J&K’s destiny’

Srinagar, June 03 (KNS) : J&K People’s Conference State Youth President and Former Deputy Mayor SMC Sheikh Mohammad Imran on Friday welcomed the former Apni Party provincial joint secretary (youth) Mohammad Dilawar Dar into the party and expressed hope that his joining will add further to the strength of its youth cadres.

In his statement to the media, Imran emphasized on the crucial role of youth in shaping the future of Jammu and Kashmir towards progress and affluence while saying that active participation of youth will help in fighting social evils, ignorance and mediocrity.

‘Youth have great tasks & challenges ahead that will ultimately aid in transforming J&K’s destiny. There is an overabundance of opportunities for the youth in many unexplored fields that await to be exploited. What matters is our desire to tread the path of prosperity and visionary leadership that can light even the darkest of the paths. Unfortunately, for more than seven decades J&K’s youth have been bottled-up and hoodwinked by the erstwhile families in power but that thing has started to change now,” he said.

Imran said that previous governments in J&K have utterly failed to resolve the issues pertaining to youth and thus alienation and a sense of dejection captivated their minds.

“The problems faced by the need-based workers, casual workers, ReTs and many others have been a result of the myopic vision of the preceding successive governments in J&K who always disregarded their genuine demands. Had NC & PDP efficiently governed the affairs of these youth, they wouldn’t have been forced to hit the streets and protest for their rights,” Imran remarked.

He said that JKPC Youth Wing shall continue its outreach program to the youth of J&K, render counselling and amplify their voices to get their grievances mitigated and issues resolved.

On this occasion, Mohammad Dilawar Dar expressed gratitude towards party leadership and swore to selflessly work for the youth welfare. “I have resigned from an important political post just for the sake of my fellow youths and I shall never hesitate to sacrifice my life if it be what it demands for speaking in their interest,” he added.(KNS) 

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