Sheikh Imran urges LG Sinha to Regularize Daily Wage Workers

 Srinagar, Dec 04(KNS): Former Srinagar deputy mayor Sheikh Imran on Monday appealed to the LG Manoj Sinha led administration for the Regularization and Equitable Compensation of Daily Wage Workers.

"I am reaching out to emphasize the pivotal role played by government daily wage workers, who significantly contribute to the growth and development of our society. These industrious individuals dedicate their youthful years in government service, often grappling with financial challenges due to an income that falls short of meeting their basic needs," he said in a message to LG Sinha.

"It is crucial to acknowledge their dedication, which unfortunately has been overlooked in the past. I earnestly request your consideration for the regularization of daily wage workers to provide them with stability and financial security. By regularizing their employment, we not only recognize their commitment but also safeguard them from potential exploitation," he said.

"Furthermore, I propose an adjustment in the current compensation for labor, currently ranging from 500 to 600 per day. Given the escalating cost of living, I recommend increasing the daily wages of laborers to a minimum of 1000 per day for an 8-hour shift. This adjustment would ensure fair and just remuneration for their hard work, contributing to an improved quality of life," he added.

"My colleagues and I are actively advocating for the rights and well-being of daily wage workers, acknowledging their invaluable contribution to our community. It is time to ensure that they receive the respect, security, and compensation they rightfully deserve," he added.(KNS).

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