Sagar seeks compensation for cloud burst affected across J&K

Asks Admin to compensate losses incurred by people; restore all public services in affected areas

Asks Admin to compensate losses incurred by people; restore all public services in affected areas

Srinagar, July 14: (KNS)  The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference General Secretary Ali Muhammad Sagar on Wednesday expressed concern over the losses incurred by people across Jammu and Kashmir due to flash floods following cloud bursts.

While expressing unison with the families whose properties, crops and livestock were damaged due to weather vagary, Sagar urged upon incumbent administration to rush revenue teams to the affected areas to assess the losses suffered by people, so that an effective compensation is worked out and distributed among the affected without delay.

“The weather vagary has impacted north Kashmir, Central Kashmir, Chenab and Pir Panchal regions. The quantum of losses is yet to be calculated by the administration but there are reports that the populace living in the affected areas has incurred heavy losses to their properties, crops and livestock. The weather vagary has cut off various forlorn areas like Watlar, Chonti Waliwar in central Kashmir, and Chandigam in North Kashmir. In wake of the predicaments suffered by the people it is expected that the government will reach out to them, restore commute to these areas and ensure early rehabilitation of those affected before the onset of winter months,” he said.

Sagar further demanded that the affected farmers and horticulturalists should be compensated on MSP rates. He further impressed upon the concerned authorities to carry out the required restoration works in the affected areas in double shifts. He also sought distribution of increased quota of ration to affected people at all local PDS stores at all affected places. Sagar impressed upon the administration to ensure best of medical treatment to the injured and ailing at local SDHs. (KNS) 



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