Roads are devastated in many area's of Chararisharief Constituency: Mushtaq Ahmad Zohami

Srinagar, September 18 (KNS): Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party (JKAP) leader Mushtaq Ahmad Zohami on Friday expressed serious concern over the bad condition of roads in Chararisharief Constituency.

"The residents of Badipoora, Chararisharief constituency are facing tremendous problems due to the dilapidated condition of roads in the area.Especially Harden Nagray Nar Badipora road which is last ten years demand is not Mechadamized till date. Although many appeals have been made to the concerned authorities, they are ignoring the issue. The condition of link roads in Badipoora are in shambles from several years." Zohami Said.

Roads like Zuhama to Babagund which was early Mechadamized was washed out through rain, Zuhama to Patrigam is also a years demand but still devastated, Nowhar to Chana Gund road is also devastated. Zohami also said that children and elderly people can't come out of their houses because of the pathetic road conditions.

Zoohami urged the concerned authorities to start the macadamization of the roads as people are facing many difficulties due to the continuous degradation of roads.(KNS)

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