Restore constitutional status of Jammu & Kashmir: Begum Khalida Shah

Srinagar, Nov 23 (KNS): J&K Awami National Conference President Begum Khalida has demanded for restoration of the Constitutional status & revocation of August 05, 2019 repeal of Reorganization Act and other laws unconstitutionally that stripped the state of J&k of its special constitutional status and downgrading it into two Union Territories. 

In a statement issued to KNS, the ANC President said that the decision to withdraw the three controversial farm laws after justifying them resulting into outrage throughout the country with 800 farmers getting killed and huge loss to the property & shattering the already crumpled economy once again proved that the Power of the People was Supreme. The politics of arrogance, communal divide & hatred has no place in the country. 

The ANC president further stated that Constitutional proprieties demand the Prime Minister before embarking through on the strength of brute majority legislation on vital issues confronting the country, the well-established parliamentary & democratic practices are placed before the nation for wider discussions. 

Begum Khalida Shah impressed upon Prime Minister to introspect his August 05, 2019 decisions when Jammu and Kashmir was unilaterally, unconstitutionally & arbitrarily disrobed of its special status, torn apart and downgraded to Union Territory. A decision of an irrevocable & irreversible guarantee of the forefathers of modern India through the Constituent Assembly of India given to the people of J&K to the Constituent Assembly of J&K, reversed brazenly, unconstitutionally through an act of Parliament without such powers, she said. 

The ANC chief reminded the Prime Minister that the August 05, 2019 decisions, like farm laws have resulted in destruction, uncertainty, and large-scale discontent & as admitted by the Prime Minister himself widened the gulf between people of Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh and the rest of the Country. 

Restoration of the August 04, 2019 position and facilitating internal dialogue amongst the basic party & principal sufferers of the kashmir imbroglio, the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh on both sides of the line of Control and initiation of a wider dialogue between India & Pakistan is a must for durable peace in the region. We expect political parties and civil society, kashmir watchers at the local & national level to support us in this just cause by extended unwavering support in the same spirit as done in the farmer’s struggle. 

Begum Khalida Shah appealed all the political forces, religious heads & civil society of Jammu & Kashmir at large to embrace the same unity as exhibited by farmers in the interest of people of All the regions of J&K state & our future generations for the restoration of special status guaranteed under the Constitution of the Country. Let us see a peaceful kashmir & a peaceful India & Pakistan. (KNS)

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