Repair potholed roads, fix defunct street lights, set up parking facilities: KTA to Govt

Srinagar 16 February (KNS): The Kashmir Trade Alliance (KTA) today urged the government to carry out repair works on potholed roads, fix defunct street lights and designate adequate parking facilities near marketplaces.
Statement issued to KNS reads “Due to heavy snowfall, roads in several parts of Srinagar and other districts of Kashmir valley have turned potholed causing lots of problems to commuters. Most of the street lights have also turned defunct and several marketplaces reel in darkness in the evenings. The defunct LED and High Pressure Sodium Vapour (HPSV) need to be replaced at the earliest,” said KTA president Ajaz Shahdhar.
He said both commuters and shoppers were being inconvenienced as a result and that the government should immediately address their concerns.
“Customers avoid shopping during evening hours due to defunct street lights that affects the business. Traders have already suffered huge losses in the recent past and defunct street lights are adding to our woes. The commuters in general too face problems in the evening due to darkness and despite several appeals in the past, we have been ignored,” said Shahdhar.
He said lack of adequate parking spots too was hitting hard the business community.
“Shoppers also avoid coming to markets where they do not find parking facilities. The government should set up cheap parking facilities so that people are not inconvenienced,” he said.(KNS)

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