Renzushah inaugurated Conference on Road Safety, Advocacy


Srinagar, Nov 09 (KNS) While Inaugurating prestigious conference on Road Safety and Advocacy organized by Shah Alam Trust sponsored by Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Khwaja Farooq Renzushah, chairman Kashmir Society international said that Silk Route belongs to Kashmir as our High ways and Roads were part of our Sufi Culture for last 700 years.

In a statement issued to KNS reads, In jam-packed Community Hall, Noor Bagh, Shahar e Khaas, Jenab Mukhtar Aalam Consultant of various central Government departments, Shamim Sahib, Dilshada jee, Adil sahib, Zaid Sahib, and hundreds of participants accorded a reception to the Chief Guest Khwaja Renzushah on the occasion besides speaking on this subject.

In his keynote address, Farooq Renzushah appreciated Shah Aalam Trust which is associated both with Hazrat Mahboob Aalam RA & Hazrat Mullah Shah RA of the era Of Shah Jahan, who besides Great Sufi icon of the time was also a Great architect of Kashmir. Holy Pather Masjid and Mullah Shah Mosque in premises of Hazrat Mahboob Aalam Makhdoom Sahib and Parri Mahal Sufi The Abode of that era was built under the Supervision of Hazrat Mullah Shah Aalam during Shah Jahan, Jahan Aara and Darah Shukuh time. Farooq Renzushah expressed his anguish on damage caused to historical Pather Masjid a few days before and encroachment of its holy Compound during the communist rise in 1944 in Kashmir. He said since that period sustained campaign was launched to devalue the great spiritual contribution of 7777 Awaliyas of the last 700 years. He said all spiritual personalities have encouraged Development and disdained ideology of destruction and hate. He said even if Mosque come as a blockade to the opening of Roads, spiritual saints have given importance to Roads. It was spiritual Highway 700 years before which was part of Kashmir civilization as both Hazrat Bulbushah RA, and Hazrat Amir Kabir RA arrived through this route and spiritually enriched Kashmir. He said that unfortunately our spiritual architect and memorable routs have been destroyed and erased. He hoped that the Ministry of Roads and Highways will play a vital role in the Development of Kashmir particularly the holy Sufi Shrines of Kashmir which are in the most dilapidated conditions. He said even the Historical Mullah Shah Mosque which has more rich value than the Babri Mosque which is located in Premises of Hazrat Mahboob Aalam Shrine is about to collapse because such precious structure of Shah Jahan built-in The name of Mulla Shah Aalam has been completely ignored. This is a tragic phase of administrative callousness of the last seven decades that such places of high architecture value and roads leading to them have been ignored(KNS) 

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