Rana lauds role of Sant Samaj in cultural renaissance, promoting harmony

JAMMU DECEMBER 15 (KNS)  Senior BJP leader Mr Devender Singh Rana  today lauded the huge role of saints and seers in cultural renaissance in true spirit of Sanatan Dharma, saying this has been a contributing factor towards the harmonious growth of the society.  


“The concept of Vasudeva Kutumbakam holds key for the world peace and eschewing the tendencies of trans border conflicts and tensions", Mr Rana said while seeking the blessings of Sant Samaj, a delegation of which met him here this afternoon.


Maha Mahant Pt. Rameshwar Dass, Mahant Dutt Giri, Manhant Rameshwar Giri,Mahant Mohan Giri, Mahant Anirudhya Dass, Mahant Shanti Giri, Mahant Shivanand Giri,Vijay Krishan Prashar, Shyam Sundar Giri, Mahant Mohan Bharti besides Mahant Rajesh Bitto, Sanganthan Mantri J&K Shat Darshan Sadhu Samaj were present.



He said the great Indian civilization treats the world as a family and this ethos holds promise for peace, harmony and tranquility, especially now when the cold war is gripping the continents. In this grim scenario, the ancient Indian way of life rekindles the hope for the humanity to grow and prosper. He said in the recent years India has been taking a leading role for forging universal bonding in true spirit of “Vasudeva Kutumbakam', be it the crisis unfolded by Covid pandemic or the Russia Ukraine conflict and now the G 20 Conclave under the presidency of Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi. These are the small, steady and humble steps towards India becoming the Vishwa Guru, particularly in the backdrop of comity of nations looking towards this country for solution to various problems and conflicts. All this is in consonance with the deeply ingrained Vedic philosophy, which does not differentiate between the people on regional, religious or continental basis but treats them as one. This effort has been appreciated globally. He said every Sanatani begins the day with the prayers for everyone to be happy, everyone to be in good health and everyone to prosper as they believe God in every particle, least to speak of human beings.


Mr Rana said it is incumbent upon every segment of the Indian society to unite and work  for strengthening the bonds of brotherhood, the cornerstone of Indian ethos and glorious heritage. He said the spiritual land of India has emanated the message of humanity from times immemorial and guided humanity to peace, prosperity and spiritual bliss. This message of love, peace and compassion has to be transcended beyond continents and the Sant Samaj can play its designated role in this regard in a big way, he added.

Mr Rana referred to the huge strides made during the recent years towards the world peace and said the efforts of the Prime Minister have to be taken to the next level by strengthening his hands.

Responding to the issues raised by the Sant Samaj, Mr Devender Rana said these will be earnestly taken up at appropriate forums and redressal.(KNS) 

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