Professor Baccha remembered on MET Foundation Day

Srinagar December 24 (KNS) It was on December 24, 1968 that Muslim Educational Trust was registered. Under the leadership of Professor Ghulam Rasool Baccha, MET started its journey to impart education at a mass level. Today, MET, that is now an irrevocable Public Trust, completes 54 years of its existence. On this day the Board of Trustees remembers the founder, a great visionary Prof Gh. Rasool Bacha, rightly called as Sir Syed of Kashmir.

As the MET is undergoing a transformation under its new Board of Trustees, with a larger community participation, it is time to remember the founder, and capture his vision. Prof Baccha believed in mainstreaming education and bringing empowerment at the grassroots level. An emancipated mind, Prof Baccha was a relentless crusader in the cause of education. The Board of Trustees remembers this occasion to renew its belief in the power of education, and it hopes to take along the larger MET fraternity, to ensure a bright future for this educational undertaking.(KNS) 

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