Pro-Iran armed groups targeted in Iraq as Middle East crisis soar

 Srinagar, April 20 (KNS): Several people were wounded in a "bombing" overnight on an Iraqi military base housing a coalition of pro-Iranian armed groups, two security sources said early Saturday.

The explosion hit the Calso military base in Babylon province south of Baghdad, where Iraq's Popular Mobilization Forces, or Hashed al-Shaabi, is stationed, according to reports. 
In a statement, Hashed al-Shaabi said an explosion caused material losses and casualties. The group confirmed that its premises on the military base had been hit and that investigators had been sent to the site.
There was no immediate claim of responsibility.
Shortly after the explosion, the US military said its forces were not behind the strike in Iraq.
"The United States has not conducted air strikes in Iraq today," US Central Command (CENTCOM) posted on X, adding that reports that American forces had carried out a strike were "not true." (KNS)

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