Preference to local youth in all recruitments my priority: Lal Singh

Hiranagar Mar 31 (KNS): Ch. Lal Singh, two times former MP, and three times Ex. Cabinet Minister and Congress candidate for Udhampur Lok Sabha constituency addressed a series of roadside meetings and public rallies enrooted from Rajbagh, Mirpur, Mangatian, Chann Rorian, Bann, Seswan, Chandwan, Chann Datyal, Chadwal, Dayala Chack, Talli, Jasrota Palace, Patyari, Mela, Hiranagar Morh, Hiranagar City, Gura Mundiyan, Kootah and culminated in Chhan Khatrian. While addressing a huge gathering at  Hiranagar City, Ch Lal Singh said that BJP which ruled the nation for 10 years and indulged only in vote bank politics, exploitation of masses and communal policies. They divided people on the name of religion and caste  as it fitted their policy of vote bank.

Ch. Lal Singh said that that present MP discusses Amethi in Kathua and Udampur and forgets that the he has given toll plazas to the people of J&K.  Mutations of lands of the poor people of the constituency have been canceled and now the poor people cannot plough the land which they were doing since independence. During the time of elections the present MP starts demanding the district status for the people of Basholi. When BJP has taken away 370 and reorganized the state, what the present MP was doing during this period? Can’t he grant the district status to Basholi? Ch. Lal Singh Said the Congress is the party of the poor while the BJP exists to serve only the big businessmen.


BJP government has sold the public assets and all the resources of the Jammu and Kashmir to big corporate and their friends. He further lambasted that this if this dictatorial form of the government has done so much of the developments then why are they running away from the assembly elections for the last 10 years.

Addressing a huge gathering in Hiranagar town, Ch. Lal Singh reiterated that if voted to power, the present administrative apparatus which is in deep slumber for the last 10 years will not merely wake up but would reach to the people’s doorstep to address their grievances. He further said that local employees which has been totally neglected and sidelined by the present regime will be given due respect and honor. He also assured the youth present in the gathering that all the companies which are working in this region would have to recruit the local youth on priority. Meanwhile Ms Kanta Andotra Ex MLA instenfied the campaign in favour of Ch. Lal Singh by addressing a series of meeting at various places in the Hiranagar which included Korepunnu, Dollia Jattan, Chak Sotra, Chak Shama, Mukandpur, Salapur, Hariachak, Sultan pur, and Chak Mansa.(KNS)

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