PM Modi Pitches Yoga for Kashmir Tourism, Livelihoods

 Srinagar, June 21(KNS):Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the potential of yoga to boost tourism in Jammu and Kashmir, thereby creating new livelihood opportunities for local residents.

Speaking on the 10th International Yoga Day at Dal Lake, he cited a competition in Egypt where yoga was used to attract tourists, suggesting a similar approach for Kashmir.

Modi's event, initially planned to be outdoors, was moved indoors due to early morning rain.

However, he addressed the gathering once the rain stopped, commending the crowd's determination to stay despite the weather.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel

The prime minister noted that while many view yoga as a spiritual pursuit, it also significantly contributes to personal development.

He encouraged incorporating yoga into daily routines for long-term benefits, likening it to brushing teeth or combing hair.

He emphasized that focused practice, like memory improvement techniques, can yield exceptional results with minimal effort.(KNS).

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