Pashmina ‘Kani Shawl’ weavers left in lurch: G A Mir

Says weavers looking for other options to survive    

Says weavers looking for other options to survive    

Srinagar, Nov 29 (KNS): The Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC)President Ghulam Ahmad Mir on Monday lamented that the weavers of the Pashmina’Kani’Shawls had been let in the lurch by the Government.

Mir also said that Prime Minister feels happy to have Pashmina shawl on his shoulder, but seems not concerned about the existence of this significant Art and survival of the weavers.

JKPCC President Ghulam Ahmad Mir has expressed anguish over the condition of Kashmiri weavers, who were the worst affected, as the exports of Pashmina ‘Kani’ Shawls have been falling with the result weavers were looking for other options to survive.

Mir said even after working for 10 hours a day the artisans earn just rupees 250 forcing them to say goodbye to this age old traditional Art, which was not only fortunate, but reflects the lack of interest of the Government towards the survival of this most significant Kashmiri Art.

“The Handloom Development Corporation’s Kani Shawl Weaving Factory at Kanihama was also shut for the last 18 month, but sadly Government was not paying attention towards restoring it,” Mir added and sought attention of both Centre and LG administration towards the survival of this trade.

JKPCC President urged the Centre Govt to provide assistance to Weavers enabling them to contribute to the survival of Pashmina ‘Kani’ shawls.

Mir said it was surprising that Kani shawls being gifted to Ministers, Bureaucrats and reaches in others parts of the world, but no one was concerned to keep this art alive.

I would strongly emphasize upon the Centre Government to take effective measures to safeguard this significant trade and provide adequate assistance to weavers, who give their best against a very meager amount. (KNS)

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