PADG representative of aspirations & interests of JK people: PDP

Srinagar, Nov 4 (KNS): PDP leader and Additional spokesperson Rouf Bhat said formation of PAGD was done on the wishes of people of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh as a last hope to restore their dignity and honour.

PDP leader and Additional spokesperson Rouf Bhat today PAGD is not an electoral alliance as many people are led to believe but it is an alliance of different political shades for restoration of special status and dignity of Jammu and Kashmir, he said in a statement issued to KNS.

Bhat said that agenda of PAGD is writing on the wall for those detractors who want to mislead people about the alliance.

Bhat said that restoration of special status of Jammu and Kashmir and its statehood are bigger causes than an election contest.

He said that the constituents of the PADG have every right to strengthen their parties for outreach but the detractors twist and spin these developments to campaign against the PAGD.

He said that PAGD has withstood all the pressures to keep the alliance intact for the larger interests of Jammu and Kashmir, adding that the alliance came into being as per the demands and wishes of people of Jammu and Kashmir.
 Bhat said that PDP is committed to take the agenda of PAGD to a logical conclusion as per the aspiration of the people JK.(KNS) 

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