Opening of liquor shops in the valley unacceptable : JKTF Villagam Kupwara

Srinagar, June 22 (KNS): As per media reports, 187 shops have been granted permission to sell liquor among them 67 for Kashmir province Rector JKTF Unit Villgam expressed deep concerns.
In a press Statement issued to KNS, Zonal President JKTF Villagam Sahil Bashir said Majority of the residents of valley are in abhorrence with it, as in our religion, it has been absolutely prohibited (Haraam), The ruling, as per Shariah, regarding it is same as that of Urine. Therefore, trying to make it more publicly accessible and available is as good as destroying the society.

Sahil Bashir Said It's quite astonishing, that on one hand, authorities destroy addictive/intoxicated crops and take pride by showing it in media and on other hand is permitting such an addictive deuced entity to be abundantly available in the market. Such a logic is beyond one's understanding.

We want to live our leftover life as per the environment of our belief and according to our faithful deeds. Want to eat and live on the sustenance what's permissible.

If government authorities can't help us in such tough times although it's their responsibility to safeguard the religious tenets, language and culture, religious permissibles and non-permissible of the residents, at least they should not encourage evil and deuced entities in society and environment. Therefore news reports pertaining to allowing the sale of liquor in the valley at numerous places is highly concerning, condemnable and synonymous to destroying our society and social fabric. (KNS)


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