Opening of confectionary ,bakery , other shops on Eid eve will create mess: Qayoom Wani


Srinagar, May 20 (KNS): Former EJAC President and Civil Society member Abdul Qayoom Wani said in a statement issued to KNS said that opening confectionary ,bakery and other shops, will create mess, violate social distancing and hurt the sentiments of poor.
He said while as the COVID 19 has affected trade and commerce everywhere but the priority remains life, health and rehabilitation. Although Administration in JK has been running the things smoothly so for and the lockdown has given its results. However, for past many days it is being heard that administration is mulling to allow the confectionary ,bakery and meat shops to open for home delivery in Srinagar and some other parts of valley.
Wani said this will create a mess breaking the social distance and at this economic downfall the sentiments of the poor sections of the society will get hurt if such type of pomp is given to it by the administration.
He said this is the time of pandemic and there is no scope for confectionary and bakery when our life is at risk and one is scary to move out for want of a paracetamol tablet amid the lockdown. Wani said when we are supposed to offer Eid prayers inside our homes, our moral must question us this time eating luxurious diets and eatables. Instead we must live as a joint family, help each other and eat together whatever we have available without crossing the limits.
he added that the condition of poor and labor class people affiliated with tourism ,widows and orphans is known to one and all and thanks to administration as well as welfare organizations ,religious organisations ,NGOsfor coming forward to help them at this tough time. While appealing people to respect the sentiments of the poor and labour class and In-turn to the whole society by celebrating the festival with domestic eatables being the routine cuisine in Kashmir.
he also showed serious concern over violation of social distancing at all banks in JK. This type of negligence by govt will prove disastrous and have demanded that govt should immediately put halt on public gatherings at all bank offices and to device alternate measures to come up to the expectations of customers without effecting social distancing. (KNS)


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