Numerous political activists join PC in Lolab & Handwara

Sajad Lone reiterates party's commitment for empowerment & inclusive development

Sajad Lone reiterates party's commitment for empowerment & inclusive development

Srinagar, March 01 (KNS): Peoples Conference witnessed a surge in its ranks as dozens of prominent political activists from diverse ideological backgrounds from Rednag, Tekipora, Gundmacher and Hayatora areas within the Lolab constituency joined the party.

In another significant development from Keegam, Handwara, the party welcomed prominent and experienced political and social activists Mohammad Afzal Ganie, his son Mohammad Iqbal Ganie and Javid Ahmed Magrey, further bolstering its strength and influence.

Welcoming the new members into PC, Party President Sajad Lone expressed his heartfelt appreciation for their decision and extended warm wishes for their journey ahead.

"I extend my congratulations and a warm welcome to all the activists who have chosen to join Peoples Conference today. Your unwavering dedication to serving the people will undoubtedly strengthen our party. I urge all of you to fully embrace the party's agenda, which focuses on prioritizing dignity, development and the well-being of every citizen," Mr. Lone remarked.

Encouraging the party cadres to intensify their efforts, the Party President emphasized the importance of expanding the party's outreach through public engagement initiatives.

"People have associated high hopes with our party and it's imperative that we reciprocate by ushering in a new era of development and opportunities for the youth. We must spare no effort in strengthening our bond with the people, which necessitates accelerating our grassroots activities," he added.

Moreover, he emphasized the need to harness this momentum effectively, aiming to foster stronger connections between the party and the common masses through inclusive outreach initiatives.

Expressing their gratitude to the party leadership, the newly inducted members pledged their unwavering commitment to expanding the party's presence in Lolab and Handwara.(KNS)

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