Notwithstanding the Israeli genocide of Palestinians, JKCSF expressed shocking anguish feelings: Qayoom Wani

Srinagar 14 May (KNS): Notwithstanding the Israeli genocide of Palestinian people including children and woman, Kashmiris could not hold the sentiments despite being a strict life-saving corona curfew in vogue imposed by the authorities endorsing the SOP Oriented peaceful protest, Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum expressed the feelings.

In a statement issued to Kashmir news service (KNS), Chairman JKCSF Abdul Qayoom Wani expressed shocking anguish over the killing of hundreds of innocent people Muslims of Palestine by the Israelis during the past few weeks.

Referring to the protest held in Padshahi Bagh area of Srinagar outskirts on Friday to express solidarity with Palestinians, Wani said that people of Jammu and Kashmir can’t tolerate injustice on innocents anywhere in the world and not to speak of the genocide of Palestinian Muslims by the colonial forces of Israel and the world remains a spectator.

Wani said, when the world is badly caught in the deadly pandemic of covid 19 and on the other hand Muslims all over the world were on fast, the terrorist state of Israel has resulted into the killing of scores of Palestinian including women and children in Gaza. The Israeli Forces damaged the Al-Aqsa mosque while videos are being shared extensively to show Israeli aggression in Gaza, the heart-piercing picture of a six-year-old girl Rahaf Al Masry went viral on social media who was martyred by the cruel Israeli Forces on Eid-ul-Fitr. Was not it enough to invite worldwide condemnation? Democratic and peace-loving countries should never tolerate injustice and settle the issues before God comes to see them without a bell.

Wani said the sentiments of Kashmiri youth rose too high, genuinely, however, kudos to them for keeping Covid-19 protocol into consideration as they carried the protest and set the Israeli flag on fire. Because no sane person on earth can have a stone-heart to watch innocents genocide and evade his eyes from the scene settling in minds. 

 JKCSF has however appealed to the people to maintain strict COVID 19 SOPs in any case of emergency to be on the safer side of health and hygiene.(KNS)

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