NIT Srinagar to host 2 day National Conference on RASE-2024 in June

Director releases brochure of the summit at campus

Director releases brochure of the summit at campus

Srinagar, Mar 20 (KNS): The National Conference on Role of Academic-driven Startups in Developing Economy of J&K ((RASE-2024) will be hosted by NIT Srinagar from 29-30th June this year.

The conference will be held in association with prestigious institutions including the Department of Holistic Education, Vidya Bharti, Punjab.

Director NIT Srinagar, Prof. A Ravinder Nath released a brochure of the (RASE-2024). It was attended by Dr. Thakur SKR, Sci/Engr-SF and Director, DHE & VBITR, eminent educationists Vijay Nadda and Deshraj Sharma, Dr. Saad Parvez, Head, IIEDC, Dr. Vijay Kumar, Dr. H S Pali, Dr. Ranjeet Kumar Rout and Shahid Abbas Mir, CEO- iTBI Greenovator, Incubation Foundation, NIT Srinagar.

In his keynote address, Director NIT Srinagar, Prof. A. Ravinder Nath said this innovative conference is expected to bridge between academia and industry.

"The conference will serve as a dynamic platform for students, researchers, and entrepreneurs, facilitating discussions on various aspects of startup culture, spanning from ideation to execution. It will offer valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities present within the startup ecosystem," he said.

Prof. Nath said the primary goal of this conference is to nurture a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among the institute's community, including students, faculty, and local educational institutions.

"It will also act as a bridge between academia and industries, with eminent innovators from across the country sharing their experiences to inspire and guide attendees," Director NIT Srinagar added.

Dr. Saad Parvez, Organizing Secretary of RASE-2024 and Head of IIEDC, expressed that this conference aims to bring together expertise from various institutions to offer a thorough workshop covering different aspects of innovation and startup development.

He mentioned that the summit will feature local innovators and entrepreneurs alongside renowned speakers and industry experts from academia and the corporate sector.

"We will conduct talks and interactive sessions covering topics like generating ideas, researching markets, creating business models, exploring funding options, understanding legal aspects, and more," Dr. Saad said.

He said participants will actively engage in hands-on activities, group discussions, and workshops to enhance practical learning and skills. Budding entrepreneurs will have the chance to pitch their startup ideas to a panel of judges comprising industry experts and investors. They will receive constructive feedback and guidance to refine their ideas and strategies.

Dr. Saad said that this conference will offer plenty of networking opportunities, allowing participants to connect with peers, mentors, and industry professionals. This environment will foster collaboration and open doors for potential partnerships," he said.

Dr. Thakur SKR, who is a Scientist/Engineer at SF and also serves as the Director of DHE & VBITR, said that this event will offer valuable insights and learning opportunities.

"This conference will be bringing together key stakeholders to discuss and shape the future of academic-driven startups and economic development in Jammu and Kashmir," he added.

It is pertinent to mention here that NIT Srinagar is going to host the 3rd conference of RASE Conferences Series after NIT Jalandhar and NIT Kurukshetra.(KNS)

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