NC on verge of collapse and extinction : Chugh

Welcomes sry NC leader Dr Shenaz to BJP

Welcomes sry NC leader Dr Shenaz to BJP

Delhi /Srinagar, 12 Feb (KNS):Senior NC leader Dr. Shenaz Ganai, a highly regarded and influential figure in Jammu and Kashmir's political landscape, today joined BJP at a ceremony attended by BJP National General Secretary Tarun Chugh, Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh and BJP national spokesman Zafar Islam.

Chugh welcomed her to the BJP and said she would be an asset to the BJP as a new era of growth and development has set in in J&K which reflects negation of parties like NC.

Dr. Shenaz Ganai, previously a Member of the Legislative Council (MLC) representing the National Conference (NC), is known for her unwavering dedication to public service and tireless advocacy for the welfare of the people.

She said she had chosen to join the BJP, because of the party's steadfast commitment to delivering on its promises to the citizens of India. She specifically highlighted the recent landmark achievement of securing long-awaited reservation for the Scheduled Tribes (ST) community in Jammu and Kashmir as a clear demonstration of the BJP's dedication to addressing the needs and aspirations of all segments of society, like the Gujjars, Bakarwals, Pahadis, Gaddis etc.

Welcoming Dr. Shenaz Ganai into the BJP family, National General Secretary Tarun Chugh acknowledged her significant stature and influence in Jammu and Kashmir's political arena. He expressed optimism regarding the party's future trajectory in the region and alluded to the possibility of more prominent figures from Jammu and Kashmir making the decision to align themselves with the BJP in the near future, underlining the growing momentum and resonance of the party's vision for the state.

Chugh reaffirmed the BJP's commitment to expediting the electoral process in Jammu and Kashmir, highlighting the party's meticulous and comprehensive preparations across all districts of the region. He exuded confidence in the overwhelming support of the people of Kashmir, pointing to the BJP's proven track record of delivering tangible benefits and transformative change to the region and its populace.

Furthermore, Chugh proclaimed passionately, "we cannot overlook the transformative and inclusive governance agenda spearheaded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Jammu and Kashmir. Under his leadership, we have witnessed significant strides in dismantling entrenched political dynasties, ushering in a new era of participatory and people-centric governance." With unwavering conviction, he declared, "This is a testament to the BJP's commitment to fostering positive change and inclusivity in our beloved region.(KNS)

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