Nasir Khuehami Calls on LG Manoj Sinha, Seeks Intervention to Revive Bandipora Sports Stadium

 Srinagar, July 08(KNS): Student Leader and National Convenor of Jammu and Kashmir Students Association Nasir Khuehami here on Saturday Called on Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha at his residence in Rajbhavan, Srinagar, urged him to address the urgent issue of the deteriorating condition of the sports stadium in Bandipora.

Expressing his deep concern for the state of neglect that the once-famous and largest stadium in the region has fallen into, Khuehami emphasized his passion for sports and his disappointment with the current situation. He recalled the promises made by the District Administration last year, assuring the people of Bandipora that immediate action would be taken to address the failing infrastructure and poor conditions of the stadium.

However, Khuehami lamented the worsening state of the Bandipora Sports Stadium over time, attributing it to the lack of attention and maintenance. This neglect has rendered the facility almost unusable, posing a significant risk to the health and well-being of the local youth. Khuehami firmly believes in the transformative power of sports, which foster unity, discipline, and physical and mental well-being.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp ChannelTherefore, he stressed the importance of restoring the Bandipora Sports Stadium to its former glory.

During the meeting, Khuehami requested the Lieutenant Governor's personal intervention to direct the relevant authorities to allocate the necessary resources for the much-needed upgradation and revampation of the stadium. He highlighted the significance of investing in this crucial infrastructure to create an environment conducive to sports development. By doing so, the youth of Bandipora would be empowered, and a culture of excellence and positive pursuits could be fostered.

Khuehami expressed his hope that with the Lieutenant Governor's support and personal involvement in the renovations, the Bandipora Sports Stadium could once again become a symbol of pride and a catalyst for positive change and growth in the region. He believed that the restoration of the stadium would bring about a positive transformation and help promote sports and well-being in Bandipora.(KNS).

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