MP Masoodi demands free electricity to Khrew, adjoining areas

 Srinagar, Nov 16 (KNS): Member Parliament and NC senior leader Hasnain Masoodi on Wednesday demanded free electricity to Khrew and adjoining pollution affected areas.

Masoodi in his recent meetings with Chief Secretary and Divisional Commissioner emphasised that dust pollution and other emissions from the Cement Factories and the lime stone mining in Khrew area have over the years caused immense loss to horticulture, agriculture, livestock, flora , fauna, soil texture, water table and entire ecosystem of Khrew area and resulted in loss of livelihood to entire population; that the area known for production of high quality dry fruit, fresh fruit and saffron a few decades back has now reached zero production of these important cash crops.

The pollution apart from adversely affecting economy of the area, it was stated, has resulted in alarming increase in cardiac and pulmonary diseases.

He demanded free electricity to Khrew and adjoining areas adversely affected by air pollution having regard to the disastrous impact of pollution on income and resources of the local population. It was insisted that as per the practice in vogue the industry pays for the utilities in affected areas and concession in electricity charges would be in the nature of a small measure to compensate for the losses inflicted.

He pointed out that as the cement industry uses all the resources like air, water, limestone, clay etc of the area and is a profit making industry it is under an obligation to compensate the local population for the adverse affects of the emissions made by cement industry. He opposed auction of JKCL and demanded that the area be converted into an industrial estate and allotted to local unemployed youth for setting up eco friendly, non polluting industrial units and part of land be earmarked for the degree college expected to be established in the area.

He also demanded upgradation of local PHC as SDH and establishment of a unit of CDH in SDH to monitor increase in incidence of pulmonary and cardiac diseases due to pollution. He also demanded an in-depth study of the quantum and magnitude of pollution and extent of losses suffered by the population and ecosystem due the pollution so that all possible remedies can be worked out. (KNS)

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