Mehbooba Mufti responsible for bringing BJP to J&K, now shedding Crocodile tears: Vakil

Srinagar March 12:(KNS)  J&k Peoples Conference Vice President  and former minister Abdul Gani Vak while expressing surprise at the recent statements of Mehbooba Mufti said that it was Mehbooba Mufti who gave the BJP an opportunity to strengthen its base in Jammu & Kashmir and become part of the Government for the first time in the history of J&K.
In a statement issued to Kashmir News Service (KNS),  While addressing a convention of party workers in Srinagar Vakil said that on the one hand PDP played a pivotal role in giving BJP an entry into governance in J&K and while on the other hand she is now wailing and trying to give the impression that she is the only leader who can compete with the BJP. 
"Coming to power by making false promises of Autonomy and self-rule, both the parties have tried to outdo each other in killing and oppressing Kashmiris. The two parties have taken turns in killing, maiming, jailing and humiliating Kashmiris. Their public utterances when in power were shameful. Now, they have the audacity to project themselves as the victims where as in reality they have all along been the ones creating victims out of Kashmiris", he added.
Vakil said NC & PDP are eager to form an alliance in order to grab power. Mehbooba Mufti’s statements make it clear that her only goal is to achieve power by allying with anybody to secure their personal interests. They can no longer mislead the people of J&K. There is a strong desire among the people for change of leadership, Vakil added.
"NC is the first party from J&K to ally with the BJP in lieu of making Omar Abdullah the junior foreign minister in the BJP Government. “They compromised the interests of the people of J&K for their personal interests. They even expelled Prof Saif-ud-Din Soz for voting against the BJP”, he said.
Vakil further maintained that history is a testament to the fact that both NC and PDP allowed continuous hollowing of Article 370 during their regimes. 
Vakil said that the NC and PDP are eager to form an alliance in order to “grab power which is their only goal.”(KNS) 

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