Meeting Held With CEO at Shami- Hidayat School Raithan Budgam 

United we stand divided we fall, We'll help all In each field of this crucial stage

Budgam 22 April (KNS): A great grand meeting was held with with CEO Budgam of central Kashmir on Thursday, The meeting was attended by the Executives Council of Jammu and Kashmir private school forum. 

A good number of members of the Forum were present in the meet especially the Backbone, the King, Chairman JKPSF, Chairman JKMES, national Journalist Syed Mushtaq Sahib, General Secretary JKPSF, Chairman IMSM Mr Haji Ali Mohammad Sahib, Tarjumani Aala Mr G M Mir Sahib, Mr Pandith Sahib, Mr M Altaf Sahib SK pora, Mr Showkat Sahib were present in the meeting.

In this meeting many issues were raised by the Forum and a brief talk on many issues, hurdles and problems faced by the private school holders and all the burning issues, problems were discussed. 

After the brief discussion, CEO budgam assured the forum that he'll help all the private school holders of his district legally. 
Hence the Forum thanked to CEO Budgam and was Happy by the good and fruitful response of the CEO. 

After this meet another meeting was held by Jammu and Kashmir private schools forum at Shami Hidayat school Raithan Budgam khansahib of central Kashmir,
In this meet a good number of members of that area were present. 

The meeting was headed by the Chairman JKPSF Syed Mushtaq Sahib, General secretary JKPSF Haji Ali Mohammad Sahib and the Executive Council of the JKPSF. 

The zonal school holders Raised their issues to the Chairman JKPSF and said that they are facing problems and are been Forced by the Govt. Officials especially the education department concerned,They said that now after Almighty Allah the Forum is the last hope that will help us in this crucial stage. 

Since the Chairman JKPSF Syed Mushtaq Sahib gave Satisfactions to the members and said all the issues and hurdles will be solved soon and good days are coming. He said that the forum is always available for this type of help. 

Since the school holders of Khansahib Budgam area were satisfied by the Response of Chairman JKPSF. 

Meanwhile They thanked Mr Syed Mushtaq Sahib for such type of good response and were happy by the fruitful and meaningful output of this meet.(KNS)

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