Make positive announcement about regularization of daily wagers ahead of G20: Kadfeen urges Govt

 Srinagar: May 18(KNS) Congress leader Kadfeen Choudhary on Thursday stressed for urgent regularisation of Daily Wagers in Jammu and Kashmir, terming it aPressing Human Rights issue in need of immediate attention


Kadfeen said that the regularisation of daily wagers in Jammu and Kashmir, who have been diligently serving in various departments for years, is of utmost importance. The delay in their regularisation has not only caused significant disruptions to their careers but has also become a pressing human rights issue that demands immediate attention. As we approach the G20 meeting, it is crucial to address this matter and make a proper announcement to ensure justice for these hardworking individuals.

"These daily wagers have dedicated their time and efforts to public service, contributing significantly to the development and functioning of various departments. However, the uncertainty surrounding their employment status has not only affected their livelihoods but has also hindered their professional growth and stability. It is imperative to recognize their valuable contributions and provide them with the security and benefits they rightfully deserve,” Kadfeen said in a statement.

He added that by regularising the employment of these dedicated individuals, we not only uphold their rights but also foster a more inclusive and equitable society. It is a step towards ensuring fair and just treatment for all workers, promoting social welfare, and advancing human rights in Jammu and Kashmir.

“Therefore, we call upon the authorities to address this pressing issue without delay. A proper announcement regarding the regularisation of daily wagers should be made ahead of the G20 meet, reflecting our commitment to human rights, social justice, and inclusive economic development. Let us prioritize the well-being and dignity of these hardworking individuals and work towards a brighter future for all,” Kadfeen said.(KNS).

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