Majlis Ayaam-e-Fatimeya (SA) Commemorated at Imam Bargah Durbal Bemina

Srinagar November 28 (KNS): Today, a poignant Majlis Ayaam-e-Fatimeya (SA) was held at the revered Imam Bargah Durbal in Bemina. The congregation was led by Molvi Imran Reza Ansari, President of the All J&K Shia Association , who passionately recited the Majlis. Molvi Imran shed light on the unparalleled significance of Lady Fatima (SA) and her profound contributions to Islam.

In his address, Molvi Imran highlighted the uniqueness of Lady Fatima (SA) as the "lady of the light" and emphasized her exemplary life as a role model for Muslim women. He expressed, "Without Fatima, the mission of the Prophet would have remained incomplete. Her husband, sons, and daughters dedicated themselves to serving Islam, offering sacrifices, and facing persecution to uphold the true tenets of Islam against hostile regimes."

The Majlis resonated with the emotions of devotees as Molvi Imran narrated the tragic events, recounting the raid on Bibi Fatima's house by ruffians instigated by the ruling regime. He described the burning of her door, the injury inflicted upon her, and the martyrdom of Mohsin in her holy womb. Molvi Imran lamented the lack of respect shown to the Prophet's daughter and son-in-law by some companions, highlighting instances where Bibi Fatima faced challenges.

Furthermore, Molvi Imran offered prayers for the reconstruction of Bibi Fatima's shrine, demolished in Saudi Arabia around 1925, urging for the restoration of this sacred site.

The Majlis concluded with tears and wails from the devoted attendees, reflecting the deep emotional connection to the legacy of Lady Fatima (SA) and the sacrifices endured by her family for the sake of Islam.(KNS)

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