Machiavellian machinations, authoritative measures antithetical to peace; bound to recoil : AIP

Srinagar, 12 May (KNS): Lambasting BJP for its blood thirsty, demonically genocidal machinations incarcerated Er Abdur Rashid lead Awami Itehad Party castigated current Government for unleashing mayhem in Kashmir. It seems the powers that be, have taken it upon themselves to destroy, maim and insult Kashmiris day in and day out. The manner in which in times of a deadly Pandemic, on going Holy month of Ramadan a definitive catch and Kill policy is being followed whilst the poor and hapless in India, rendered penniless by the devilishly obnoxious policies of the government of Day expose the vile intentions of present regime. Out of their GDP of 200 Lakh crore plus there is not a single penny for the poorest of poor but there seems to be all the resources, time and money to suppress Kashmiris expressed Party Spokesperson Sheeban Ashai. Jingoism peddling, vision deprived, hate laced current regime in India must be reminded no power on world through naked oppression or political crackdown can make eight million people relinquish their wishes and aspirations, in the world of today.
A statement issued to KNS reads it is furthermore despicably repugnant how on the whims and fancies of a bunch of deep state blue eyed individuals, ridiculing India’s democratic credentials in broad daylight and toying with lives of eight million Kashmiris all internet along with cell phones services for days together are outlandishly shut down in one go. Those votaries of muzzling dissent and adopting hawkish approach in Kashmir need to come to terms with the fact that AIP would be the last political party in Kashmir to ever be silent to their unabashed aggression and anti-Kashmir policies. Two lakh Kashmiris have been killed, martyred, imprisoned from decades together yet those trying to pull strings from New Delhi have been abjectly failing to change anything on ground in Kashmir. It is high time people across political spectrum understand that Kashmir issue is internationally recognized and demands a statesman like humane approach. Awami Itehad Party top brass paid condolences to the families of those who have been martyred last week and strongly impressed upon world community and United Nations to take note of current regime’s ruthless aggression in Kashmir, the statement said (KNS)

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