Leave policy decisions, linked to future complexion of JK, for popular government: Hakeem Yaseen to Centre

'Fiddling with people's aspirations bound to prove counter productive'

'Fiddling with people's aspirations bound to prove counter productive'

Budgam, Dec 22 (KNS): Chairman People's Democratic Front (PDF) Hakeem Yaseen has urged the Centre not to fiddle with emotions of people by taking arbitrary decisions to change the complexion of Jammu and Kashmir adding delimitation was perogative of an elected popular government. He said spree of unilateral decision taken, contrary to the aspirations of the people, were frought with evoking tougest resentment and disenchantment among the people.

Addressing a large public gathering in Watrahad- Kachwari in Khansahib constituency of Central district Budgam on Wednesday, Hakeem Yaseen cautioned the Centre against taking controversial decisions which have direct bearing on the future complexion of Jammu and Kashmir adding that all such policy decisions should be left to the elected popular government. He said only a popular government has the perogative to decide about the major policy decisions attached to the urges and aspirations of the people. 

Referring to recent amendment in land use policy and the draft report of Delimitation Commission alongwith privatisattin of power sector, Hakeem Yaseen said people have outrightly rejected these arbitrary moves, terming them against the overall interests and integrity of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. "Unfortunately Centre was turning a blind eye towards the sincere suggestions to respect socio-political aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir for bridging the gap of mistrust and alienation. "Centre was in a mad race to satiate it's vested political agenda," Hakeem Yaseen said adding that the Central policy visa viz Jammu and Kashmir was going against the overall interests of the country. He said people especially youth of Jammu and Kashmir have lost hope and trust on mainstream as they were grappling with the worst ever brunt of joblessness and despire. "Had the Centre conducted Assembly elections and announced a special employment package for the youth also, the situation would have been quite condusiveve, Hakeem Yaseen said adding that in absence of popular government, people feel themselves icompletely ignored and sidelined .He held previous governments primarily responsible for the prevailing explosive situation in Kashmir.

Referring to the problems in the local areas of Watrahad , Hakeem Yaseen said ' it was most unfortunate that despite repeated pleas and requests made to Lieutenant governor, Manoj Sinha and the aadministration, much awaited work on ambitious Shaliganga Mini Hydle Power House was not taken up so far. "Construction of the power house was important for socio-economic transformation of this backward area, Hakeem Yaseen observed adding that DPR of the power house stands already approved. He also demanded development of basic infrastructure in Pallamaidan to bring it on tourism map of the country. (KNS)

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