Lavender Day Celebrated at Faculty of Forestry SKUAST-Kashmir

 Srinagar, Aug 09(KNS): The Faculty of Forestry SKUAST-Kashmir today celebrated Lavender Day with great fervor and enthusiasm. Organized by the Division of Forest Products and Utilization, the event showcased the immense potential of medicinal and aromatic plants in boosting the economy and fostering innovation.

Distinguished guests including Prof. Nazir Ahmad Ganai, the Honorable Vice Chancellor of SKUAST-K, and Prof. T.H Masoodi, Director of Research at SKUAST-K, inaugurated the Lavender harvesting and distillation during the event. They were accompanied by Prof. Haroon Naik, Director Planning SKUAST-K, Prof. A.H Mughal, Associate Director Research  SKUAST-K and Prof. J. A Mugloo, Head  KVK Pulwama.

The proceedings commenced with a warm welcome address by Prof. P.A Sofi, the Head of Division of Forest Products and Utilization. Prof. P.A Sofi provided insights into the ongoing activities of the division, highlighting the research initiatives, innovative cultivation approaches, and product development from medicinal plants. He outlined the division's current projects and outlined their future roadmap. Emphasizing the significance of medicinal plants, Prof. S.A Gangoo, the Dean of Faculty of Forestry, delivered an insightful speech, underscoring their vital role in holistic well-being and sustainable development.

In his address, Prof.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp ChannelNazir Ahmad Ganai, the Honorable Vice Chancellor of SKUAST-K, lauded the efforts of Prof. P.A Sofi and his team at the Division of Forest Products and Utilization. He accentuated the potential of the medicinal and aromatic plants sector in boosting the economy. Prof. Ganai also stressed the importance of innovation and value addition for the development of medicinal plant-based products. During the event training completion certificates were also distributed among participants of 25 Days Skill Development Training on Medicinal Plants. HVC congratulated Dr. Peerzada Ishtiyak for getting funding for these Programmes. Later in the day, the Honorable Vice Chancellor and other esteemed guests visited the Experimental fields of the Division of Forest Products and Utilization, the Biodiversity park, and the AICRP Field, gaining valuable insights into the ongoing research endeavors.

The Lavender Day celebration witnessed active participation from all the Heads of Divisions and Scientists across the Faculty of Forestry. The event served as a resounding testament to the dedication and commitment of SKUAST-K's Faculty of Forestry in advancing research, innovation, and sustainable utilization of medicinal and aromatic plants for the betterment of society and the economy.(KNS).


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