Kashmir as good part of India as any other state: Bashir Assad

 London, Aug 05 (KNS): Kashmir is witnessing transition on many accounts amid contesting claims of the state and non state actors.

Renowned author and Journalist Bashir Assad while speaking at an event organized by Indo-European Forum in London said that Kashmir is now as good part of India as any other state and Kashmiris have for the first time equal stakes in the nation building. The argument of discrimination and disempowerment is a political hoax which sans credibility.
On commemorating 4th anniversary of abrogation of Article 370 under the theme “The Reincarnation of a new Kashmir – A rebirth after 5th August 2019”, Bashir said that Article 370 which had suffered so many erosions was hardly existent. It was just a tool in the hands of political elites for emotional exploitation of the people of Kashmir. That said there are some legitimate concerns which need to be addressed to remove the misgivings and it is incumbent upon the government of the day to give the sense of security and belongingness to the people of Kashmir.
While addressing the mass gathering, Bashir Assad described abrogation of Article 370 as momentous step taken by the Central government with respect to Kashmir. He lambasted Separatists who were playing shots in the political corridors of Kashmir despite having minimal base among the population.

In his well articulated speech, Bashir said, “The era of Separatism is over in Kashmir. Gone are the days when people like, Syed Ali Shah Geelani were handling Kashmir affairs through their protest calendars and ideological colleagues in the Govt.”

“After unrest of 2016, the credibility and support of Geelani and his ilk were at stake. People realized that separatism is against the ethos of Kashmir. After 2019 abrogation, it was that realization the people did not came out on streets to protest.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp ChannelPopulace of Kashmir were dejected from both Hurriyat and the local mainstream parties who play double standards to feed their coffers”, said Bashir.

Lambasted the bonhomie between local mainstream and separatists, Bashir added that he was pained after the recent visit of Altaf Bukhari to the separatist leader Aga Syed Hassan Mosavi.

He added, “I am not against the transition of separatists into mainstream and for accepting the idea of India but I have my strong reservation towards those mainstream leaders who visit these separatists for the electoral benefits. Visiting the separatists and portraying them as messiahs of society is an orthodox stunt which has no takers after 2019 abrogation.”

Bashir reiterated that the annulment of Article 370 restored order in Jammu and Kashmir and has cleansed the system which was hijacked by some subversive elements. The shops of separatists brought closed and the people are living a peaceful life without any pressure from inside or across border.

“Abrogation of Article 370 was unprecedented move by the Union Govt as it broke away the active terror system in Valley and the emanating threats. It contained violence and helps to establish boom in the economy of Kashmir. There are greater and greater opportunities for economic upliftment in the Valley”, he said.

“Kashmir has a history of being moderate and peaceful. Kashmir would offer world the culture of Sufism and diversity. It has an inclusive history and plurality. Today, with abrogation, the thought process has been mainstreaming and the idea of peaceful Kashmir is evident now”, added Bashir.(KNS).

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