K-Oil president express gratitude to commissioner secretary FCS & CA department for timely supply of essential commodities during the winter

Jammu February 15:(KNS)  A meeting of Joint Coordination Committee Retail K-Oil and cooperative Dealers Union J&K led by the JK President Javid Hakeem, were held on Monday in Jammu regarding the distribution of rice, Atta, as essential Commodity during the current winter in UT of Jammu and Kashmir. 
As the same was fully discussed during the meeting, wherein the distribution of food grains along with kerosene oil was allotted to FPS dealers, kerosene dealers in time  for fair distribution among the people  by the administrative department of FCS & CA, as per the directions of commissioner secretary of  FCS and CA  of Jammu and Kashmir. 
In a meeting, Hakim Javid said that, despite harsh winter and bad weather conditions, the administration made sufficient availability of kerosene and other essential commodities  for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. And so we are highly thankful for the efforts of the commissioner secretary to government FCS&CA Department as he make the survival of people easy during the winter, he added. 
The other people who were present in the meeting includes, Rakesh kumar, B L satantra,, Khursheed ahmed. Bilal Ahmad. Etc, 
The meeting was concluded with a thankful note for the commissioner secretary FCS & CA of JK. (KNS)

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