JKPM concerned over losses to fruit Industry because of unnecessary halt of fruit Laden trucks on National Highway

Srinagar September 27 (KNS) : Jammu and Kashmir People's Movement leaders demands adequate compensation to the fruit growers affected by unnecessary halt of fruit Laden vehicles on National Highway by traffic authorities.

Senior Vice President Organisation Affairs JKPM, Dr M Hussain on Tuesday has expressed deep concern over the massive damage to fruits caused due to halt of fruit Laden trucks along National Highway by authorities which resulted in massive damage worth crores to fruit Industry of Jammu and Kashmir. 
In a statement, Dr M Hussain has demanded compensation and relief in favour of the affected fruit growers keeping in view colossal damages to their fruits and which is the main source of income to them.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel
Dr M Hussain has urged the Hon’ble Lt Governor and its administration for speedy and rapid assessment of the damages so that cases for release of adequate compensation to the affected are processed on war footing basis. He also urged the Horticulture and Agriculture departments for constituting committees for earliest assessment of the damages. He said that the fruit growers have already incurred huge losses due to restrictions of civilian traffic on national highway where fruit-laden trucks are halted for several days on the pretext of security.(KNS) 

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