JKCSF reiterates its demand of releasing, shifting of Kashmiri detainees from outside Jails

Srinagar 19 january (KNS): Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum has yet again reiterated its demand of releasing and shifting of Kashmiri detainees from outside jails. Chairman JKCSF, Abdul Qayoom Wani in a statement here expressed concern over the diverse deteriorating conditions of these detainees as there families have narrated to JKCSF. Chairman Wani said that  the condition  some  elderly  leaders  youths and some sisters and daughters languishing  in different jails in outside J & K is worrisome for one and for a prolonged period for obvious reasons particularly of the deteriorated health conditions of these daughters in these jails amid the pandemic.

In a statement issued to KNS, Wani said that some internationally renowned socio political and religious leaders are under house detention  for more than two years which has effected their health condition and also effected their religious activities which is against human rights.

Wani said that  families of these detainees  are not in position to meet their loved ones for the fear of COVID-19 and the travelling ramifications.

"Majority of detainees  are senior citizens with multiple ailments  and the irony is that they dont receive any specific treatment as per their ailments which has put their lives at risk and back home their families in mental trauma." Wani said

 Wani said that as per inputs available to JKCSF  their are instances where some family members of some leaders and other detainees have been suffering from  fatal diseases and  needed to be released on humanitarian grounds.

Wani said some of our sisters in Tehar jail were  facing multiple ailments which has made their  life of the families  like a hell.Wani asked all sections of society  raise their  voice for their immediate release and getting them back to kashmir so that their families may have a sigh of relief.

JKCSF urges the govt that instead of suppressing the dissent voices it should speed up the judiciary procedures of the political prisoners and humbly listen  to them in a cordial atmosphere which is in   the larger interest of the wishes of people(KNS).

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