JKCSF demanded action against blasphemers, settlement of Centaur employees and discussed social reforms: Qayoom Wani

Srinagar June 22 (KNS):  In its General Council meeting held at  Srinagar  Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society has demanded stern action against blasphemers for the intolerable remarks passed  on Prophet Muhammad( SAW), the Forum expressed concern over the eviction order of Centaur employees and discussed the social reforms to eradicate the evils.
In a statement issued here Chairman  Abdul Qayoom Wani said that all the leaders of Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum held a special meeting at Gogjibagh Srinagar on the sensitive issue of blasphemy and passed a unanimous  resolution that immediate arrest of culprits involved in heinous crime of blasphemy  must be made under PSA.
The Forum condemned the delay in arresting the culprits and thus hurting the sentiments of muslims who have played with the sentiments of billions of muslims world over, the statement said.
Discussing the  Eviction order of Centaur Hotel employees that has caused  sudden suffering for the families of 160 employees who have been deprived of the livelihood with govt having taken the Hotel under its control, the leaders of Forum said that  depriving employees of livelihood is quit cruel  injustice against CSR and against labor rules and it is a human rights violation. The Civil Society  on Monday  in solidarity move with the employees of Centaur who were on a peaceful protest against the their eviction had joined them for their rights. The resolution passed in the meeting said that if the   their Services of these employees are not needed at Centaur anymore, that doesnt meant they should be evicted, but the way of absorption and accomodation should be followed to meet the both ends "Govt must reconsider its order of eviction and accomodate the affected 160 employees into any other relevant department. Because these employees served their prime youth at this pristine Hotel and  played their role in uphold of  state reputation" the resolution reads.
The Forum had a threadbare discussion on the increasing drug abuse, corruption and the suicides and asked the stakeholders to play their role in the social reforms to minimize the bad practices in the society to get rid of social evils. 
The leaders of the Forum asked owners of the coaching centres to streamline the schedules of classes so that there is no free time and space for students for waywardness.The Forum envisaged for moral classes in schools. The Forum also appealed religious scholars and imams to aware the people of the hazards and harms of narcotic drugs and other wrong habits that are harmful to body and brain.
On the prevailing bad weather conditions Forum has urged the govt to take necessary measures in advance  to meet any challenges that can occur amid the incessant  rains and floods.(KNS)

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