Indian Army organised Village Games Mela at Chamkote

Peerzada Sayeed

Karnah December 30 (KNS): Indian army organised Village Games Mela at Chamkote Karnah from 26 December to 30 December 2020. Eight villages including Chamkote, Teethwal, Gundi Gujran, Dragar, Pingla, Amrohi, Prada and Panjtara participated in these games.

According to KNS Correpondent, The games conducted on this occasion were Kabadi, Sitholia and Tug of War. The finals were on 30th of December. Chamkote village almost dominates in these games and secure their spot in finals.

Childrens and ladies also participated in different games very enthusiastically. The limelight was stolen by the Tug of War and local traditional sworg game 'Gatka'. The aim of this event was to promote local village games, culture and to provide an opportunity to local to show up their talents. (KNS)

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